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Platinum Tint is an Australian, family owned business, with years of experience. In this "About Glass & Window Tinting" section, we would like to share some tips and advice with you on the advantages and solutions in window tinting and glass film application.…

The greatest advantages of window tinting or window films are that it provides specific personal and property protection from the effects of the sun as well as added safety and security features in the event of broken glass.

The concept of window film for use in solar UV radiation control for flat window glass application dates back to the early 1960s. The original window film design were to control the heating and cooling imbalances that result from windows exposed to direct sunlight, also referred to as solar loading. The early window tinting films were found to reflect solar UV radiation, preventing the room or office space inside to heat up to uncomfortable levels, and the great advantage was that they would still allow excellent visibility through the glass.

The global energy crisis of the early 1970s prompted an interest in another aspect of window tinting film’s isolation features: the reduction of heat loss towards the outside. It was discovered that polyester film tended to absorb and re-radiate long wave infared heat, rather than act as a transparent medium. Through research and experimentation, window tinting film materials have been developed to enhance this characteristic.

Nowadays, with current climate change issues, we are all urged to be more energy efficient and feel the weight of the ever increasing energy costs.  Platinum Tint’s Window tinting film services Sydney, can offer you a great eco retro-fitting solution, to help insulate your home, office or commercial building, save on your energy bills and improve the environment.

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Platinum Tint - Installers of glass window tinting in Sydney and all suburbs. We install only the best quality window film and reflective glass tinting. Not only can our window tinting application offer more privacy and protection from UV radiation, but our window tinting film offers cost-effective solution to insulate glass windows and doors in your home, office and commercial buildings. In addition, security glass window tinting film can offer extra safety in case of broken glass. We have a wide range of colours and density qualities available, from clear transparent window film for home use to reflective glass window tinting film for office building use, so contact our friendly sales team on 02 8086-1312 today, and start saving on your energy bills!
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