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Window Frosting for privacy and safety. Platinum Tint window frosting solutions have a wide variety of styles to suit your particular requirements...

With over 15 years experience in supplying and installing commercial and residential window frosting in Sydney, the team here at Platinum Tint knows exactly what you need. There is a window frosting film for every possible application, with privacy, safety features and solar UV radiation protection benefits always surpassing expectations.

Frost films are used for numerous applications, for example:
  • commercial office privacy
  • residential or home privacy
  • safety
  • security
  • decoration
  • bathrooms
  • entry or front door glass
Window frost or frosting films come in various styles and gradients from near see-through to transparent to almost completely blocking out visibility as well as in a variety of shades.

Window frosting can be computer cut to any design you require, including company signs and logos, making window frosting not only very practical in terms of privacy for internal offices with class walls but also useful in reinforcing your corporate identity.

Residential window frosting can also deliver home privacy when homes are close together or have windows that align with neighbours. Ensure your privacy whilst preserving the light and airiness of your bathroom or common areas.

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