Advantages of Glass and Window Tinting Film

We all know glass has very bad insulation properties… And installing double-glazing is a costly business. But did you know window tinting film can also do the job and insulate your home and office windows, offering great energy savings…

Want to slash your heating bills and do your bit for the planet?

As fuel prices keep rising, everyone is looking for that single, best solution that will save money on the energy bill, and there are numerous ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, office space or store. Many of these are simple, inexpensive steps that can be installed during a new building project and some, and some choices like residential or commercial window tinting, offer the easiest, budget-wise, best option for a green retro-fitting reno job.  Reduce your energy use and carbon footprint… and enjoy immediate savings.

Why not consider having window film installed?
Applying a sun control window tinting film to windows with heavy sun exposure, will not only help regulate the temperature to keep rooms and office spaces cooler during the summer and warmer in winter, but they also provide excellent protection to interior furnishings, assets and artwork. Platinum Tint offer temperature control window films for both residential window tinting as commercial window tinting applications, and this great environmentally friendly solution to greening your home or office comes at a fraction of the cost of installing special heat-control double glass.

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Platinum Tint - Installers of glass window tinting in Sydney and all suburbs. We install only the best quality window film and reflective glass tinting. Not only can our window tinting application offer more privacy and protection from UV radiation, but our window tinting film offers cost-effective solution to insulate glass windows and doors in your home, office and commercial buildings. In addition, security glass window tinting film can offer extra safety in case of broken glass. We have a wide range of colours and density qualities available, from clear transparent window film for home use to reflective glass window tinting film for office building use, so contact our friendly sales team on 02 9672 1140 today, and start saving on your energy bills!
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