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Platinum Tint offers a wide range of high-quality window tinting services, to increase privacy and offer security glass safety features during breakage…

Safety Glass Film is used for Child Care Centres


Security glass window tinting film.

Most safety and security glass film is constructed of one, two, or three layers of clear polyester. In comparison, our security window tinting film of choice, Glassgard has up to nine times the thickness than solar control window film, and contain a heavier coating of specialised adhesive, to ensure greater security with enhanced impact resistance. The clear polyester and adhesive make this security glass window film virtually invisible after installation.

Security window tinting film offer additional protection against intruders.

Windows and glass doors are the most vulnerable parts of your home, office or place of business. They are easy points of entry for burglars, vandals and smash and grab thieves.

Applying security window tinting, adds protection against unwanted intruders. Burglars and thieves cannot simply break the glass window and penetrate your property. Even when they try to smash the glass, by striking it with a heavy implement, like a baseball bat or a iron crowbar, they cannot get through.Security window tinting film offers the ideal solution against these wide-spread offenders of smash and grab burglaries and costly thefts. Usually they become discouraged by the resilience of the window glass security coating film, and quickly depart for an easier target.Your windows and glass doors become invisible barricades, keeping criminals out, while offering safety and protection to you, your family and your property.

Who can benefit from the advantages of security glass window tinting film?
  • building owner
  • property managers
  • jewellery stores
  • home owners
  • shopping centres
  • and more…
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Platinum Tint - Installers of glass window tinting in Sydney and all suburbs. We install only the best quality window film and reflective glass tinting. Not only can our window tinting application offer more privacy and protection from UV radiation, but our window tinting film offers cost-effective solution to insulate glass windows and doors in your home, office and commercial buildings. In addition, security glass window tinting film can offer extra safety in case of broken glass. We have a wide range of colours and density qualities available, from clear transparent window film for home use to reflective glass window tinting film for office building use, so contact our friendly sales team on 02 9672 1140 today, and start saving on your energy bills!
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