Why Tint Your Glass and Windows?

Window tinting is a cost-effective insulation solution for window glass, and should be part of every building renovation and eco home retro-fitting project.

The advantages of having a professional install window tint film products for residential and commercial buildings:

All window tint films typically offer following benefits:

Up to 99% Ultraviolet (UV) solar radiation reduction resulting in:
  • Significant protection for furniture, carpet, draperies, wood, etc. against fading etc.
  • Reduces fabric and textile deterioration
  • Reduces human exposure to solar UV radiation, linked to certain cancers.
Increased shatter safety resistance resulting in:
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Increased safety from possible broken glass fragments and debris for family & friends
  • Heavy gauge security window tint films offer significant benefits from:
    • Natural disasters such as violent storms, earthquake, high winds, etc.
    • Vandalism, terrorist bombings, smash & grab burglary, etc.
    • Scratching/graffiti (glass tagging) on exterior windows, restroom mirrors, elevator doors and glass, and similar flat/smooth surfaces
Scratch resistant hard coating protects against:
  • Window glass surface deterioration from normal cleaning methods
  • No hazy appearance as in typical plastic type materials
Performs well in all environments and climates.

Metallised/solar heat control window tint film can provide: 

Significantly reduced solar heat gain resulting in:
  • Increased comfort and productivity
  • Reduced air conditioning costs with positive impact for environment
  • Reduced HVAC equipment wear and tear/maintenance
  • Increased fade resistance of furnishings and assets

Sun glare reduction on reflective surfaces (computer screens, desks, white/light surfaces…)

Reflective window tint offers daytime privacy and additional security

Attractive accent to home and business windows, increasing value of property

Lower energy demands from utilities resulting in:

  • Lower overall energy costs
  • Decreased demand for new power generating facilities
  • Decreased environmental carbon emissions


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Platinum Tint - Installers of glass window tinting in Sydney and all suburbs. We install only the best quality window film and reflective glass tinting. Not only can our window tinting application offer more privacy and protection from UV radiation, but our window tinting film offers cost-effective solution to insulate glass windows and doors in your home, office and commercial buildings. In addition, security glass window tinting film can offer extra safety in case of broken glass. We have a wide range of colours and density qualities available, from clear transparent window film for home use to reflective glass window tinting film for office building use, so contact our friendly sales team on 02 9672 1140 today, and start saving on your energy bills!
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