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Tinting Windows is a cost-effective way to save on your energy bills and ensure your privacy with Platinum Tint…
Green your home with the energy saving qualities of residential window tinting film.
Glass, as you may know, is a terrible insulator. Windows allow the Summer sun to heat up our homes, making us switch on the airconditioning… And during Winter, these same glass windows, have a very strong cooling effect on all our indoor heating efforts… Making us turn up that thermostat… In bother situations, we end up using a lot more energy than we should. With the increasing awareness of global climate change, concerned citizens  also get the message, that we should try to be more energy efficient. If you want to save on those energy bills, you need to make sure your home is well insulated. In the case of glass windows and doors, you basically have two options: installing expensive, brand new double-glazed windows… or the budget-friendly and cost-effective option: Home window tinting film.


Residential Window Tinting: Services
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